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Welcome to NPA's Small Business Resources and Documents Center!

Here, you will find a wealth of sample forms and templates and other materials and information that may be of value to your business.

The major topics covered relate to the following:

  • Human Resources
  • Legal Agreements
  • Operations

Terms of Use:

The documents in the Small Business Resources Center are being provided exclusively as a general source of information for the relevant topic area as a service to the members of the NPA. They do not constitute legal advice, nor do they purport to reflect or establish best practices or industry standards. They are simply forms, templates and other resources used and/or prepared by the contributors that may be of interest to other NPA members. Each business is different, and the laws in each jurisdiction vary. Thus, before using any of these resources, you should make sure they are lawful and appropriate for your business. You may do so by retaining the services of the appropriate contributor or your own attorney or other professional.

The NPA and the contributors to the Small Business Resources Center make no representations about, and are not responsible for, the legality, applicability, topicality, correctness, completeness, ownership or quality of any of the information provided. Neither the NPA nor any of the contributors assumes liability for claims of any kind made with respect to the information provided and all such claims for liability will be denied. As a condition of using the Small Business Resources Center, you agree not to assert any claims against the NPA or any of its contributors or members relating to any of the information provided. Please be advised that the information provided may be changed, updated, supplemented or partly or completely deleted by the NPA or any contributor without notice at any time.

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