LIVE Webinar: Leverage the Bid: 5 Tips for Getting the Most from Service Level Agreements

Wednesday, November 13, 2-3 pm EST

Looking for the secrets to get the most from a service level agreement (SLA)?

In today's performance-oriented business environment, SLAs are not only for the IT industry or networks, but any support service that enables the key business processes of an organization. Inside the parking industry, a well-drafted SLA not only addresses the current level of anticipated service, but also outlines what will happen when the unexpected occurs, relationships break down and the parties needed to make additions, deletions and modifications to the service levels.

Join us Wednesday, November 13, for this one-hour webinar on service level agreements, which will provide you with principles and a set of guidelines for developing and preparing effective service level agreements for an internal service function or an outside service provider.

Participants Will Learn About:

  • Performance Standards
  • Issues Management
  • Services Provided
  • Customer Responsibilities
Find out how you can to define expectations and increase reliability in your next SLA, register today.


Dennis Cunning, CAPP
Certified Administrator of Public Parking
DLC Consulting


$30.00 for NPA Members
$55.00 for Non-Members
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