LIVE Webinar: Parking Maintenance 201:

Surface Lot Maintenance: Why Asphalt Maintenance is an Investment that Pays Off

Wednesday, February 27, 2-3 pm ET

From roadways to driveways to surface lots, understanding asphalt management is essential for running parking operations of all sizes and types. Join our experts as they discuss what causes pavement to fail, and what maintenance options are available for asphalt parking areas.

Parking managers will learn how to recognize forms of asphalt distress including: raveling, flushing and bleeding, and alligator cracking. Equipped with this knowledge, participants will be prepared to properly handle, repair, and restore asphalt deficiencies to maintain a clean and safe lot or parking vicinity. Participants will gain an understanding of the distinction between WMA and HMA and why both will work for you.

Attendees Will Learn:

  • A summary of asphalt mixes and how pavements are manufactured
  • How to assess the condition(s) of your lot or parking area
  • Understanding the importance of maintenance and preventive measures
  • How to plan, inspect, and implement a maintenance program
  • Maximizing the longevity of your surface lot or parking space

About the Speakers:

Kent Hansen, P.E.
Director of Engineering, National Asphalt Pavement Association

Kent Hansen is the Director of Engineering for the National Asphalt Pavement Association. His experience includes general civil, geotechnical, material testing, and pavement evaluation, design, and research with private consultants. Kent joined NAPA in 1995 and has authored a number of technical publications and articles. He is responsible for NAPA's training programs, and working with contractors, agencies, and consultants to on issues related to the design, construction, and performance of HMA.

Bob Tober, P.E.
Associate Vice President, DESMAN Associates

Bob Tober is an Associate Vice President at Desman Associates. Bob has been involved in nearly all aspects of parking facility evaluation, maintenance and repair since joining the company 27 years ago. Bob has performed on over approximately 350 different parking related repair projects and has also been actively involved in the evaluation and repair segment of parking privatization programs for various municipalities and universities in recent years.


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