PCCslashPublic Rights-of Way



On July 26, 2011, the Access Board issued revised proposed guidelines for accessibility in public rights-of-way. These guidelines have been issued several times since a first draft was issued in 1992. These would appear to be close to being final, having been reviewed and commented on by the public multiple times. Still, there is an opportunity to comment on the guidelines. Comments are due to the Access Board by November 23, 2011. We are excerpting the parking requirements from the document, to assist parking professionals to understand the requirements for on-street parking, as well as decide if they think they may want to submit comments. In addition, after the summary of the critical things for parking, we are including some background information, which if nothing else will serve as a refresher! This is by no means a full and complete summary much less discussion of the requirements. It is provided for the convenience of the reader and no warranty is expressed or implied.


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