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Do you wish you had that insightful Parking Magazine article you read recently - right at your fingertips? Perhaps there was an informative article in Parking Magazine that circulated your office a year or two ago that you would like to have on file. Ordering Parking Magazine reprints is easy!

Each article you order will be delivered to your e-mail address as a full-color PDF file, which you may then print out. If the article is to be republished, it must be approved by NPA and credited as shown below.*

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Cost: NPA Members: $10.00/each; Non-members: $20.00/each.

To order, select either the member or non-member button next to the article(s), as it applies to you. NPA members: please include your membership number in the "Message to Seller" field upon checkout.

Interested in an article published prior to 2001? Contact info@npaparkorg.

To order by mail or fax, download a printable .pdf reprint order form here.

*Credit line to include on any approved reproduction of material from Parking Magazine should read as follows:

Reprinted with the permission of Parking Magazine (issue month/year), the magazine of the National Parking Association (NPA), 1112 16th Street NW, Suite 840, Washington, DC, 20036.

One copy of any reproduced material must be sent to the Parking Magazine Managing Editor at: National Parking Association, 1112 16th Street NW, Suite 840, Washington, DC, 20036.