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June 2014

Beware of Shortcuts in Large Parking Purchases

You’ve been tasked with specifying and acquiring a new parking facility or replacing that old PARCS (Parking Access & Revenue Control System). It’s a formidable challenge that will tax your expertise, your people skills and your patience.

Will Online Learning Significantly Impact University Parking?
Colleges and universities in the U.S. are undergoing significant economic pressures from many directions that some see as the beginning of a seismic shift in how they operate.

The Financial Implications of Garage Lighting
Whether you’re an owner, operator, administrator, employee or customer, you understand that there are many aspects of the industry that require constant attention, including revenue maximization and customer safety and security. The role lighting plays in parking garages is one of the most overlooked elements that is crucial to customer safety and facility success.

2015 International Buyers' Guide to Products and Services
Our 2015 guide to industry suppliers who will help you modernize systems and technology, improve cashless payment and purchase the latest equipment.

Chairmans Outlook
NPA Advocates for Industry Advancement
By Jeff Wolfe

NPA Update
2014 Convention to Offer New Sessions and Networking

NPA Represented on ITE Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety in Parking Facilities Study

The NPA Parking Demand Report

Public Practices
Texas Tech Increases Efficiency, Saves Money with eCitations
By Lee Sonnenberg

Legal Matters
The Importance of Attendance and Leave Policies
By Michael L. Stevens

Safety & Security
The Dangers of Distracted Driving
By Kathy Phillips, CIC, CPP

Tech Trends
Real-Time Parking Data: A Touch Away From Behind the Wheel

Greener Parking
Balancing Act: New Balance Field, Boston University


Smart Marketing
8 Tips for Better Networking
By Rieva Lesonsky

Industry Newsmakers

Executive Perspective
John Baumgardner, CEO and vice chairman, Ace Parking