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May 2013

Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center:
Expansion Challenges Parking and Transportation Planning

Just five years ago, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center (CCHMC) opened a new 11-story, state of the art research facility (Location S). Since then, research efforts and successes have exceeded expectations and construction is underway on a new 15-story clinical sciences building (Location T) that will serve as a strategic link between research discovery and clinical application.

Case Study: Philadelphia VA Medical Center
Integrating Parking into a Medical Center Campus to Accommodate Growth

4 Ways on-Street Meter Technology Has Evolved for Speed and Service
Parking is taking a page from the financial services and consumer services industries by adapting tried and true technologies into new uses for parking.

Chairmans Outlook
Research, Technology and Networks Signal Industry Value

By Jeff Wolfe

NPA Update
The CPP: It's Not Just for Parking Managers Anymore

Lease Accounting Reform Hot Seat Pressures Businesses

2013-2015 NPA Parking Market Forecast

Public Practices
Tempted by Technology: How to Assess Whether a New Technology Is a Good Fit for Your Campus
By Stefanie Shaffer

Legal Matters
Get Ready For Healthcare Reform
By Michael L. Stevens

Tech Trends

Making Smart Technology Choices for your Growing Parking Business

Greener Parking

MPARK: Contributing to a Sustainable Future

Safety and Security

How To Improve Your Insurance Risk Rating, Part 3


Smart Marketing
6 Digital Marketing Trends You Need Know About Now
By Rieva Lesonsky

Industry Newsmakers

Executive Perspective

Regina McLaurin, Vice President, McLaurin Parking