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March 2013

Living with Parking: Trends in Sustainability
Parking professionals are increasingly being asked-or ordered-to mitigate the impacts of new and existing parking projects on the environment.

P3 Agreements Provide Energy Savings at No Cost to Cities
Two Michigan cities recently launched historic Public Private Partnership agreements to replace more than 200 inefficient lights with energy efficient lights in their parking garages.

Case Study: Pomona College South Parking Structure Long-Term Benefits of Sustainable
This recently completed 608-space, cast-in-place concrete garage project in Claremont, Calif., provides an example of ways to incorporate sustainable concepts.

Delaying a Relighting Project Can Cost You Money
Today, it doesn't matter which of the energy efficient lighting technologies you are considering (fluorescent, domestic induction or LED) any of those, when done right, can do the job for you.

How Much Information is Too Much?
What Your Line Staff Should Know About Auditing

Chairmans Outlook
How NPA Works for You

By Jeff Wolfe

Presidents Update
Sustainability Stands at the Crossroads of ROI
By Christine Banning, CAE

Public Point of View
How to Determine the Right Shade of "Green" for Your Campus
By Robert Baer

Legal Matters
6 Tips for Effective Claims Management
By Michael L. Stevens

Professional Development
CPP Certification: A 'Win/Win' for You and Your Employer
By Kermit Kingsbury

Tech Trends

Key Considerations for Going Permitless

Greener Parking

12 Tips for Greener Parking in 2013

Safety and Security

How To Improve Your Insurance Risk Rating, Part 1


Smart Business
10 Must-Have iPad Marketing Apps
By Rieva Lesonsky

Member Newsmakers

Executive Perspective

David Douglas, Partner, Douglas Parking, LLC