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Article Reprints

June 2013

How Multi-Space Meters Helped Texas A&M Increase Parking Revenue

Multi-space parking solution replaces gated cashiers as university moves closer toward an advanced cashless parking system with features such as demand-based options, Extend-by-Phone and integrations with enforcement and mobile payment technologies.

Campus Wayfinding Enters a New Digital Age
Advanced guidance systems push info to parkers when and where they need it.

Partnering for a Successful TDM Program
Many property management companies, building owners and large tenants are asking their current parking operator to assist with starting and/or managing a Transportation Demand Management (TDM) program.

2014 International Buyers' Guide to Products and Services
Our 2014 guide to industry suppliers who will help you modernize systems and technology, improve cashless payment and purchase the latest equipment.

Chairmans Outlook
NPA Offers Networking, Education and Research for Bottom-Line Success
By Jeff Wolfe

NPA Update
Convention 2013 Offers Expert Educational Programs

Healthcare Reform Looms Large for Parking Industry

The NPA Parking Demand Report

Public Practices
6 Things to Know Before You Implement LPR on Your Campus
By Pamela Mooney

Legal Matters
The Importance of Social Media Policies in the Workplace
By Michael L. Stevens

Tech Trends
How the Right Integrations Can Help Increase Revenue and Collections

Greener Parking
Mall of America Shops for New Garage Lighting Solutions


Smart Marketing
How Different Generations Are Going Mobile and What it Means to You
By Rieva Lesonsky

Industry Newsmakers

Executive Perspective
Brian Haupricht, Founder and President, Park Inc.