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December 2013

SPECIAL REPORT: Public/Private Partnerships and the Parking Industry, Part 3: The Markets

This is the third in a three-part series studying how public-private partnerships are impacting the parking industry.

City of Cincinnati and Port Authority At Odds on Parking Lease

Seattle: Tomorrow’s Parking System Today
Seattle is a leader in performancebased parking. How does the city’s e-Park program work?

LA Express Park™: Using Technology for Intelligent Parking Management
Los Angeles is known for its fast cars and stalled traffic, and when drivers are out and about, they need to find a place to park. In one of the country’s largest cities, locating parking is often easier said than done. Until now.

New York City DOT’s Approach to Street Management
When the Big Apple was in need of a parking upgrade, NYCDOT took a thoughtful, customized approach to making it happen.

Chairman's Outlook
Research, Best Practices and Innovation to Better the Parking Industry
By Jeff Wolfe

NPA Update
The NPA Winter Leadership Forum: Strategic Leadership for Sustainable Growth

NPA Offers Members Advocacy Toolkits, Resources

2013 Research Roundup: In-Depth Research on Parking Trends & Best Practices

Public Practices
Public and Private Working and Learning Together
By Dr. Shawny DeBerry

Legal Matters
Avoiding the Risk of California Employment Law
By Michael L. Stevens

Tech Trends
The Connected Vehicle

Greener Parking
BikeSpot™ Provides Convenience, Security for Cyclists


Smart Marketing
Profitable Marketing Do’s and Don’ts
By Rieva Lesonsky

Industry Newsmakers

Executive Perspective
Bob Caplin, Executive Vice President, Next Realty