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April 2013

Distinguishing Yourself with White Glove Service
Higher customer expectations are pushing many valet operators to new heights in service, particularly in venues such as upscale residences, five-star travel, and red carpet events, where such "white glove" customers are worth more to please.

Don't Fire and Forget
Auditing Automated Operations

How to Train Top Talent
What sets you apart from your competition-positively or negatively-is the quality of employee you have wearing your uniform..

Dress to Impress
Enforce Your Brand with the Right Uniform

Chairmans Outlook
Valet Members Rise to New Service Expectations

By Jeff Wolfe

NPA Update
NPA Parking Power Network Tour 2013

What Merchants Need to Know About the Interchange Class Action Settlement

Buyers Focusing on Revenue Control, Supplies and Hardware/Software

Public Practices
Public Valet Parking, Hiring and First Impressions
By Larry J Cohen

Legal Matters
How to Hire the Right Valets
By Michael L. Stevens

Tech Trends

Making A Strong First Impression

Greener Parking

Ernst & Young Tower Parking Structure, Calgary Alberta

Safety and Security

How To Improve Your Insurance Risk Rating, Part 2


Smart Marketing
An Emotional Appeal Makes a Great First Impression
By Rieva Lesonsky

Industry Newsmakers

Executive Perspective

Alan Lazowski, Founder and CEO, LAZ Parking