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September 2012

Embrace the Change: The Parking Revolution is Here
With the growing integration of technology into everything from mapping to networking to paying for a cup of Starbucks, companies across the spectrum are learning how to leverage data to improve the customer experience, build loyalty and increase sales.

Special Report: Investing in Parking's Future
Equity and Venture Firms Find Parking Attractive Asset Class, Part 1

A Parking Pro's 8 Best Practices in Revenue Control
As technology continues to infiltrate the parking industry at an alarming rate, we are seeing new methods to boost the bottom line for parking operations.

Convention 2012 Keynote Preview: Smart Cities
The Next Wave in Transportation and Parking Management

Convention 2012 Insert

Chairmans Outlook
As Industry Grows, So Does Importance of Revenue Control

By Jed Hatfield, CPP

Presidents Update
NPA Hosts Top Industry Leaders at Convention
By Christine Banning, CAE

Public Point of View
Eliminating Cash to Control Revenue
By Robert Baer

Legal Matters
Healthcare Reform: Rules, Compliance and Alerts
By Michael L. Stevens

Professional Development
The CPP for Consultants: Why Bother When You Know Everything Already?
By Charles R. "Charlie" Munn III

Tech Trends

How to Develop Technology Plans for the Future

Greener Parking

Skyline R-Park: Better Use of Space and Higher Profits Thanks to Automation

Safety and Security

Is Your Company Prepared for a Disaster?


Smart Business
Creating a Path for Employee Growth
By Rieva Lesonsky

Member Newsmakers

Executive Perspective

Nicolle Judge, President, SkyPark