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July/August 2012

Branding: Parking Managers Polish the Image of Airports
To be effective, an airport's brand has to be expressed in every aspect of the airport customer experience, including parking. Savvy airport parking operators recognize this new media-driven reality.

Parking Economic Forecast 2013
Trends Driving Supply and Demand in Parking

OSU Approves Parking Lease Deal
LAZ Signs Historic $483 Million Management Contract

Lessons from Ireland: Revenue Growth in Airport Parking
Ireland's economy has been affected by the worldwide recession, posing challenges and opening opportunities for the airport parking industry. In light of this, Dublin Airport Authority plc has adapted its strategy to sell more car parking to a shrinking and price-sensitive customer base.

Chairmans Outlook
Parking Profitability and Performance Drive Business Focus

By Jed Hatfield, CPP

Presidents Update
Driving Performance, Progress & Profits
By Christine Banning, CAE

Public Point of View
Off-Airport Parking: A Matter of Consistent Service and Marketing
By Robert Baer

Legal Matters
Legal Impact of EEOC Enforcement Guidance, Part 2
By Michael L. Stevens

Professional Development
CPP Certification Contributes to Improved Service
By Chris Hankins

Tech Trends

5 Technologies That Will Impact 2013

Greener Parking

Case Study: Kauffman Center, Kansas City, Mo.

Safety and Security

Follow These Rules for Airport Parking Safety


Smart Business
How Much Should Your Marketing Cost?
By Rieva Lesonsky

Member Newsmakers

Executive Perspective

Tim Leonoudakis, Chief Executive Officer, City Park