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December 2012

Case Study: Las Vegas, Rebuilding Parking Services One Step at a Time
Parking Services Manager Brandy Stanley outlines how she is tackling the challenge.

Winterize Your Garage to Maintain Safety and Prolong the Life of Your Facility
Understanding how the onrush of winter will impact your facility is a key to proper winter planning.

So Many Loopholes, So Little Time
Making the Most of Available Operational Audit Resources in Any Parking Organization

Research: A Summary of Parking and Transportation 2012 Trends and Findings
NPA increased its research efforts in 2012 and provided members with important studies outlining the size and scope of the industry as well as purchasing plans and buying power among industry professionals.

Chairmans Outlook
NPA's Strategic Focus is on Research, Best Practices and Innovation

By Jeff Wolfe

Presidents Update
NPA Research and Benefits Expand Value to NPA Members
By Christine Banning, CAE

Public Point of View
Parking Partnerships Lead to Operations Success
By Robert Milner

Legal Matters
Review Your Contracts and Contract procedures at Year End
By Michael L. Stevens

Professional Development
Jump Start Your Career in 2013 With Cpp Certification
By John Udelson, CPP

Tech Trends

Money to Meter: Trends in Payment Technology

Greener Parking

CASE STUDY: Dalziel Garage, Oakland, Calif.

Safety and Security

Protect Your Parking Structure and Prevent Deterioration


Smart Business
What You Don't Know About SEO Can Hurt Your Business
By Rieva Lesonsky

Member Newsmakers

Executive Perspective

Ellis Dumont, CEO and Founder, Advanced Parking Concepts, LLC