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CPP Summit Online 2014

April 29 & May 1
2 Live Webinars Each Day, 1 & 3 pm Eastern

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Join NPA and your parking colleagues for the 4th annual CPP Summit, a two-day online training summit bringing together individuals interested in learning more about industry best practices and the Certified Parking Professional certification.

The 2014 CPP Summit Will:

  • Bring industry professionals together to discuss industry best practices.
  • Highlight specific chapters of the CPP study guide, and answer questions most pressing to those interested in learning more about the CPP.
  • Improve attendees' understanding of employee performance measurement. 
  • Test participants' knowledge of the parking industry.

The following session topics will be presented:

  • Revenue Control
  • Valet
  • Human Resources
  • Parking Operations
Visit the CPP Summit web site for more session info.

More Information:

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