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CPP - The Credential of Superior Knowledge and Professionalism


Refund Policy

Candidates who wish to withdraw from the examination process and receive a partial refund must notify PCS prior to scheduling an examination test date. A written request must be received within 30 days of the submission of your Application Form to PCS. A $200.00 processing fee will apply to all candidates. All refunds will be issued 30 days after receipt of the request.

Refunds are not granted to candidates who have scheduled an examination and then withdraw from the examination process; who have failed to test within the six-month window; who have failed to reschedule their examination within the appropriate timeframe; or who have failed to appear or were not admitted for testing.

If an employer-sponsored candidate is not available for testing prior to scheduling an examination test date, the application fee may be transferred to another individual. The employer should provide PCS with a replacement Application Form, an eligibility letter, and a $150.00 transfer fee. A Study Guide will not be re-issued to the replacement candidate.

Rescheduling Policy

Candidates who wish to reschedule an examination must notify PSI at least three working days prior to the scheduled test date. If your scheduled test date is within this three-day window, you will not have the opportunity to reschedule. You will forfeit all examination fees if you do not appear for your scheduled examination or if you are not admitted due to lack of proper photo/signature identification.

Emergency Policy

In the event of inclement weather or similar emergency, you should contact PSI to ascertain the status of the test site. If PSI must cancel or delay an examination, you will be notified and rescheduled at no additional cost. However, given the difficulties in canceling a test center, this decision is rarely made. If the test center is open and you choose not to appear for testing, your examination fee will be forfeited.

Security Guidelines for Taking the Examination

The National Parking Association copyrights all test questions. Copying, reproducing or taking any action to reveal the contents of an examination in whole or in part is unlawful. Any irregularity such as an act of impersonation, creating a disturbance, giving or receiving unauthorized information or aid to other candidates, attempting to remove test information by any means, possession of unauthorized notes or equipment may be sufficient cause for you to leave the examination room. Irregularities may be identified by observation or suspicion by the examination proctors, or may be evidenced by subsequent statistical analysis of testing materials. All such irregularities will generate a report to NPA and PCS.

Notebooks, magazines, reference materials, backpacks, briefcases, hats, caps or electric devices such as cameras, walkmans, radios, tape players, portable fax machines, cellular telephones, calculator watches, reproduction equipment, beepers or pagers are NOT permitted in the examination room.

Neither PCS nor PSI will be responsible for the security of this material; therefore, it should remain outside the test center. If any of the aforementioned items are found on a candidate in the examination room, the site administrator will collect it and hold it until the end of the examination and provide a written report of the incident to NPA and PCS. It is possible that some confiscated material will be forwarded to NPA and PCS and will not be returned to the candidate. Each incident of misconduct or irregularity will be investigated and will be reported to NPA. NPA will hold responsibility for the final decision on score invalidation or cancellation. All fees will be forfeited if a candidate is found to have violated any security measure.

Test Center Regulations

You should arrive at the test center 30 minutes prior to your scheduled examination. If you fail to appear on time, you will forfeit your fees. To be admitted you will need your Authorization Letter and photo identification with signature. If you are not admitted due to lack of proper identification, you will forfeit your fees. You may bring a silent, simple (i.e. four-function) pocket calculator. Programmable and text calculators will not be permitted. The PSI software will provide a built-in calculator for your use.

The examination is closed book. Please review the security guidelines. You will be provided with scratch paper to use during the examination. This will be collected prior to your leaving the test center.

No tobacco, food, or beverage will be permitted in the examination room. No visitors, guests or children are permitted in the examination room.